The Aronnax

A quick tour of the Aronnax

Mind your head.  Don’t touch that if you’re a fan of oxygen.  Here at the helm
of the ship, where Kaiko Nekton pilots the Aronnax, you can get a look at the
double-titanium hull which can withstand incredible pressures, t’s the reason
your ribs haven’t been pressed through your lungs.

Keep coming and we’ll head past Fontaine’s room, which I guarantee she won’t
let us peak into, and you can’t actually open the door to Ant’s room; he has too
much junk piled up in there.  I think he’s actually given up on reaching his bed
and has started sleeping in the Moon Pool chamber. Speaking of which, here is
the Moon Pool chamber. This chamber is where we keep the smaller submersibles
like the Rover and the White Knight. We use the Moon Pool to get in and out of
the water.

The last place on the tour is Will Nekton’s study.  It contains the vastest collection
of ancient charts and maps to be collected in an underwater vessel… probably
because keeping so much ancient fragile paper underwater is asking for trouble.
That map?  Um… we’re not supposed to talk about that.  The tour is over!